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↳ Dieter Rams, Godfather of Industrial Design

Welcome, I'm Sherman. I'm a ...

Vancouver based UI/UX + Product Designer, designing at the crossroads of form and function.

Previously @Nokia & @OSENSA Innovations

SFU SIAT Undergraduate seeking full time opportunities for Summer 2024

My Design Principles

As someone studying Japanese, I often make connections between my hobby and my work. 

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“Omoiyari” 思い遣り

↳ Consideration for others

I serve to please. I try to take a human-centric approach to design, empathize for my users, and anticipate their needs throughout the experience in advance.

Yup, just like a Japanese Bidet.

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“Kodawari” 拘り

↳ Relentless pursuit of perfection

As designers, we are no strangers to iterations. Design is a process filled with repetition, setbacks, improvements, progress and refinement.

Trust the Process.

“Kaizen” 改善

↳ Continuous Improvement

Our industry is constantly evolving and changing. Novel platforms such as VR and AR opens up new opportunities for us designers to innovate and adapt.

Stay Curious !

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“Ikigai” 生きがい

↳ A Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment.

The intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. At the moment, UI/UX is my Ikigai.

Let’s give it our all !

Selected Works (4)



Interface UX Designer Co-op

Working within the NI (Network Infrastructure) UX AGILE team, designed features for Nokia’s NSP (Network Services Platform) and its associated design system, core components and design specifications. Converted cross-functional PLM requirements into user centric designs.

May 2023 -Dec 2023

Frame 20265.png

OSENSA Innovations

UI/UX Designer Co-op + Freelancer

Designed an online portal for EdgePi, a cloud based industrial PC. Saw the design from initial concept, to its any iterations, to MVP in which it was tested and ultimately shipped. Instilled a design culture by crafting Design Systems, Components, and Style Guides to ensure scalability of the platform.

May 2022 - Dec 2023

Frame 20266.png
Frame 519.png

UBC Prosper Vancouver

Design Lead + Co-Design Moderator

For IAT 333 Interaction Design Methods, cooperating with UBC Prosper Vancouver, Canada’s premier youth business conference, took an unique, non-interface approach to create an user centric design solution that aims to increase student engagement and retention.

Jan 2023 - Apr 2023


Cineplex Redesign

Personal Learning Project

As a Personal Learning Project, improved the general user experience and usability of the Cineplex Mobile Application by modernizing the overall brand aesthetics of the interface, eradicating user pain points, and finding solutions for heuristic evaluation breaches.

Jun 2022 - Sep 2022

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Let's Talk ! 

Shoot me a message to know more about me and my projects !

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