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I'm Sherman, and this is my story.

Nice to meet you again.


Born in Vancouver, Canada


Moved to Hong Kong


Began Undergrad at SFU

I am a junior UI UX designer completing my final semester at SFU SIAT with concentrations in Product Design.

My first interaction with the field of Product Design came about back in 2019 when I first stumbled across the documentary “Design Disruptors”, produced by InVision. The documentary explores the transformative impact of design and its role in shaping the success of modern businesses. Companies all over the world are leveraging the power of design in order to disrupt their respective industries in order to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Inspired, I dived into the world of Product Design. With the wonderful support from the teaching staff at SFU SIAT (special shoutout to Ron Wakkary), I spent the next few year working my hardest in becoming an Interaction Designer, eager to turn my new-found passion into a career.


Changed Majors to SIAT

May 2022

First co-op at OSENSA Innovations

In May 2022, my hard work paid off and I landed my first UI UX co-op position at OSENSA Innovations, a Vancouver based fibre optic temperature sensing company, building an online portal for EdgePi, an upcoming revolutionary cloud-based industrial PC. I was a fairly unexperienced designer back then, and thinking back I am truly honoured to had given the responsibility of a project of this magnitude and scope. A special thank you to my manager Farzad Panahi in his continued trust in me and my design process.

March 2023

Attended my first Van UX Awards

Reflecting on the experience and knowledge gained from my time at OSENSA, I returned to school and went on to complete many interesting school projects, most notably, my design work done for Prosper Vancouver, consolidating my learnings, as well as building my design portfolio.

April 2023

Attended my first UX Hackathon

May 2023

Interface UX Designer at Nokia


To be continued.

In May 2023, I was offered the opportunity to join Nokia for a 8 month co-op. I worked remotely from Vancouver, designing for Nokia’s Network Service Platform (NSP). Working within an Agile framework, I designed for new functionalities, core components, and assisted in maintaining Nokia’s FreeForm design system.

Being given the chance to be mentored under talented designers of incredible tenure, Laura Mahan, David Keisenkamp, Shiyu Zhuang, Joshua Nicholas and Jenny Zou, I was finally able to experience how UI UX is conducted at a multi-national technology company. My experience and the amount that I learned throughout my 8 months at Nokia could not be understated. I was finally able to experience the transformative power of design mentioned in “Design Disruptors” that inspired me in the first place.

My story comes to an end here for now. As I prepare for my graduation in May 2024, I am both exhilarated and intimidated to begin my career, journey, and dream. 

To be continued ...

Let's Talk ! 

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