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OSENSA Web Redesign

@Nokia  May 2023 - Dec 2023



In the summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to join Nokia’s NI (Network Infrastructure) UX team, designing for Nokia’s NSP (Network Services Platform) and its associated design system, core components, and design specifications.

Working within an AGILE environment, I completed 7 different backlog items assigned to me in the span of 3 design sprints.

Designing for NSP foundational core components and features, I worked within a cross-functional team to translate PLM requirements into user-centric design solutions in the form of highly detailed design specifications, prototypes, and narrated walkthroughs that was ready to be implemented.

I created a multitude of visual representations such as sketches, wireframes, and user flows to articulate and champion my design solutions in the context of business and user goals, and contributed to the maintenance of Nokia’s FreeForm Design System by laying out the groundwork for its eventual revamp.


Lastly, I also had the chance to help build interactive prototypes for the team in preparation for this year's SReXperts, a bi-annual product showcase event showcasing Nokia’s IP network solutions.


B2B (Business to Business)


Interface UX Designer


NI (Network Infrastructure)


NSP (Network Service Platform)


2023 May - Dec


Core Component

Feature Tickets

Design Specification

PLM Requirement to Design

Nokia’s Freeform Design System



User Flows

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